About Sax Plugs

Conceived in June 2012, was created by saxophonist Matt Vashlishan. Interested in many different activities besides music, Matt quickly found an interest in woodworking and immediately began experimenting with creating different types of saxophone plugs. He can best be described as an "equipment person" who is always interested in a new horn, mouthpiece, ligature, or any type of accessory. While the saxophone end plug is often overlooked as a quality accessory, the plug serves a very important purpose protecting the octave mechanism from becoming bent, and in Sax Plugs' case, lubricating/cleaning the tenon receiver. Usually made from plastic, Matt feels the exotic wooden end plug adds beautiful contrast to the metal saxophone body. There are many different designs available from many different types of wood, and Matt is constantly experimenting with new ideas and ways to make the end plug an even more functional accessory. Please check back often for new designs!

The Original Sax Plugs

Sax Plugs are obviously reminiscent of the old Selmer plugs that accompanied all the vintage horns. This concept remained un-tapped on a large scale until Matt began experimenting with exotic woods. Like any other quality product, there are other brands that follow in the footsteps of the original innovation. SaxPlugs started it all!

Plug Fit

To ensure a proper fit, Sax Plugs are made with Selmer and Yamaha in mind. However, the cork can be sanded to accommodate nearly every model saxophone. Apply a small amount of cork grease to the cork and rub it in. After this application, the cork will form to the size of the horn and last a very long time. If needed, any repair man can sand the cork further. If you are interested in a particular size, please email using the contact page the exact inner diameter of the tenon receiver in 1/1000 inch.